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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  June 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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-- their first win in a fin. ever! good evening, i'm brian hac. i'm juli for joining the sharks take a giant bite out of the penguins tonight, and they do it in overtime. their first win in a final, ever. good evening and thank you for joining us. the sharks skate up the ice with three goals -2 over the penguins, taking game three of the stanley cup finals. ana maria is just outside of the shark tank talking with the excited fans. >> what a night to be a shark. it was insane, the streets are currently empty but let me take you back just to a few hours ago. >> to - - good job, baby, we are coming for you. >> excitement, 25 years in the making as the sharks take one step closer to the stanley cup.
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>> my heart is still pumping away. >> finally got that win. >> yes, we finally got that win. it was scary. >> hours before the game even started, thousands came out for a a sharks rally outside of the shark tank to celebrate the journey to the finals. kobe claire, just seven, - - is just seven fans were surprised with tickets before the game. >> they gave me tickets. >> that is awesome, that is a ticket to the game, you have no idea? >> that's right. i thought we were going to san pedro to watch the game. >> those tickets almost did not happen. >> every 10 minutes they were going up by $40. you click on the link, you think you get them, then they are gone. so the game sold out as fans
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watched hockey history unfold before their eyes. >> we will see how it goes. >> a lot of emotions are going on right now for the longtime fans. just disappointment, seeing them get the stanley cup, we did it. >> as i mentioned, game three in overtime, game four is monday. >> other news tonight, a major blaze is burning tonight 30 miles northwest of los angeles, threatening 3000 homes. several neighborhoods in the area are under mandatory evacuation orders, at least 200 acres of burns, and there are reports that some of the houses are damaged, and power lines came down after a car hit a pole. to the world is continuing to
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mourn the death of boxing icon and humanitarian mohammed ali. his life is being celebrated here in the bay area. in the coming days his remains will be taken to his hometown. and a memorial is there and it is continuing to go tonight. >> his public funeral will include luminaries such as bill clinton and billy crystal, tributes are pouring in around the world from fans of the largest - - legendary boxer whose legacy has become more than what he did with the of zion. reporter has the latest from louisville. >> it is in the boxing ring that mohammed ali grace and power. his wit always packed a punch as well. >> float like a butterfly casting by of the. >> a spokesperson said that he died of sex to - - septic
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shock. he was diagnosed with parkinson's in 1984. his funeral will be in his hometown in kentucky on friday. it will be open to the public. >> mohammed ali was the people's trampy divorce champion, and the celebration will reflect all races, religions, and backgrounds. >> he quickly started fighting at the age of twelve, 12, and after just - - discovering the nation of them locked want to was islam, he changed his name, retiring in 1981, and a three- time world champion and olympic gold medalist. he had a generation of fans admiring him for his mentor and work and his a compass mix. one of those fans put out a message on twitter, he shook up the world and the world is better for it, rest in peace, champ. and the city that once said - - segregated african americans is
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lowering - - flags in his honor. >> i think he will be even greater outside of the ring. he is just being the biggest - - the best that he can be. >> many of today's boxers were not even born when he had his biggest moments. he still lives larger than life in the bay area. >> here at the third street boxing gym, the news of his death hit hard, for hackett, there is no equal. >> i told you i was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. >> our phenomenon. i told you. >> he was about so much more than just boxing. >> a humanitarian, , the best, the greatest of all time. >> i am a poet, a movie star,
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an actor, a fighter. >> and he says he was a leader in other ways as well. >> he made it possible for us to not be afraid to speak to the public and to the government. >> he is known for many things, but for those who are actually in the boxing world, this rings true, the will must be stronger than the skill. >> that is so true. >> many want to step into the ring. you've got to want it. you don't have that great of skill, that is what trainers are for. >> when ed heard the news late last night he watched several hours of his greatest moments in and out of the ring. >> i'm the man, man, even though you had guys like lewis, guys before him, the real thing is the fact that mohammed ali spoke his mind. >> that's why i i say i am the
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greatest. >> sports illustrated is paying tribute by putting him on the cover of his - - of the newest issue. that will be the 40th time he has been on the cover. >> developing site, a health warning in a north bay community, e. coli. has turned up in a creek that runs through downtown fairfax. four of the children got sick, after playing there. emily turner talks to one of them. >> ruby is one of the reasons these signs are up at perry park along fairfax creek. her case of e. coli was one of four of the children that alerted the county to the contamination. [ indiscernible ] >> i have a pom-pom. >> she is feeling better now,
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thankfully, but it took a hospital visit to solve it. >> i am a single mom. >> the city does not want to take chances either. and the city posted these warnings, so that parents and children would know to steer clear. >> i don't worry about it much. >> what was the rule today? >> don't go in the water. >> yes. >> there is no telling how long it will last but fairfax has agreed to take care of water testing through the summer. >> now to the race for the white house, it is the final weekend before primaries are held. hillary clinton is looking to clinch the democratic nomination on tuesday but she and her rival our neck in neck. and ever - - a vermont senator
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is vowing not to step down. >> hillary clinton focused her attacks on donald trump during the campaign stop in oxnard, california. >> climate change is a chinese hope. sounds like trump university, if university, if you ask me. >> it was not a school, it was not accredited, it was a scam. >> in an interview on face the nation, trump says clinton should go to jail over the e- mail scandal. >> she is guilty of sending that confidential information. and she's also guilty of stupidity. >> and sanders has a shot at winning the state. >> a record number of people
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are registered to vote in california in tuesday's primary. and the 175 delegates are in stake is at stake. >> we will win in california and we have a chance to win with a big margin. >> the vermont senator is vowing to take his bed all the way to the convention in philadelphia in july. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> yesterday he made a comment, saying it evoked claims of racial institute - - insensitivity. extending his finger he made a reference - - made a reference to a black man in the crowd. >> look at my african-american over here. >> i was the only black guy in the audience anyway. i think that had a lot to do
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with it. >> his comment went viral. but a local broker said that he has no problem being singled out, he says he doubts trump knew who he is or the fact he is running for congress, california's first district. >> the number of voters in california have also hit a - - hit an all-time high. there are now 17 million voters, and 650,000 people registered in the last 45 days and of those, 76% registered as democrats. a a health alert for women. splitting headaches could be hurting your heart. >> a young girl left behind when a cemetery relocated one century ago. >> the american dream of home ownership now all of the reality for nearly one dozen
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low income families and you can help those in need. >> and the forecast is coming up as we look toward the bay bridge. that is all coming up after we come back after the break.
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sexual assaults on santa ro hiking trails. the victims:. both men -- who reported beg attacked by a group of 3 me. at night. the first assault happened a police are investigating a pair of unusual sexual assaults on hiking trails, the victim are men who were attacked by groups of three or more than, the first happened at knife
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point. the other on the trail between hampton way and stony point road. both assaults happened last month and the police are still not sure if both cases are connected. women who suffer from migraines are much more likely to suffer from heart problems later in life. more than 115,000 women were tracked and migraine sufferers had a 50% greater risk of heart disease, there were also 39% more likely to have a heart attack and 62% more likely to suffer a stroke. as for why, researchers do not know. there is another puzzle tonight, a young girl found in a coffin underneath the driveway of a san francisco home. >> reporter: a child loved
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around the world, this is the new grave and second barrel - - arial aerial for the unidentified little girl whose casket was found in the garage in may. it is believed that the girl was buried 120 years ago and was left behind when a cemetery was relocated. >> when they moved everyone over 100 years ago, she was overlooked. >> the pardon of innocence helps to bury unidentified children and that is what they did for miranda today. among the crowd coming to mourn her, anton and petit are here. >> when she was discovered, several people contacted me thinking it might be our child. - - a child that was one of our
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ancestors. >> one relatives burial records they could never find. >> if it is, we found her. and we can come talk to her and she is just a part of our family peers - - she was part of our family. >> reporter: many came to throw rose petals on her casket. >> if it is, we are happy. if it isn't, we are still happy to this is a beautiful resting place. >> her tombstone reads if no one grieves, no one will remember. >> it means every life is valuable. and habitat for humanity is coming up with a new program for affordable housing. the mortgage loan process puts in $500 in sweat equity and in
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- - in exchange she will get a monthly house payment no more than 30% of her income. >> this was made - - is something that made it more special as i got to see it come up from the ground. >> it is the first half of the development and the largest project in the 30 year history of habitat for humanity. in two weeks they plan to build six more homes in only five days. . they are asking for volunteers and they need 500. the alameda county fire to permit a recognized service of the service of a 97-year-old hero today. the retired parity - - fire chief served a fire department for 39 years, starting in 1945, working his way up to chief. and before that he fought in wars, he was part of the ninth in fist - - infantry during world war ii.
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he received a bronze store - - a bronze star. >> you may have gotten a wake- up call with a small earthquake battling nerves in the santa cruz mountains. a magnitude three-point for credit - - quake started just after 6:00 in boulder creek and it may be the san andreas fault. no damage was reported but it did wake up people from san francisco already down through santa cruz. it cool off this afternoon, as much as 20 degrees, and that is setting a trend. and we see cool water offshore with a temperature of only 56.5 degrees. and we started to cool down. looking toward the break - - the bay bridge, 50 degrees in oakland, still nice in the east by 71 degrees. santa fe is 65 degrees, and low clouds move in. and the bay area is looking for
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things to cool off even more tomorrow. 20 warm inland. the shoreline will cool off and eventually that cooling air is going to work toward the inland. it will take some time. the future cast shows close to wake up to and clouds by the time. in between, between, plenty of sunshine at the shoreline. the cooling trend continues tomorrow near the shoreline, and it will be hot again away from the water and with the return of the fog, temperatures will cool through the midweek. the indian street festival is always fun. tomorrow it will be mainly sunny and 67 degrees for the high. and it's 81 degrees tomorrow at murphy avenue, sunny, warm, it will be nice. the travel weather forecast, heading out of the bay area, 102 in redding, 98 for
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sacramento, 104 in fresno, 76 at lake tahoe, and overnight in the bay area tonight, mid- fifties will do it, some tomorrow monday morning, 12 minutes before 6:00 in the morning, the forecast high close to the coast gets past seasonal norms. 67, 2 degrees warmer than average, in cochrane, 11 degrees above average, and oakland tomorrow is at 71. down to the south bay tomorrow, there were two middle 80s, 20 of sunshine around after the low clouds in the morning, bay, plenty of sun, numbers into the 90s in pittsburgh and heading out to brentwood. numbers manage upper 80s, plenty warm inland, northland - - to the north, nothing to sneeze at unless you have allergies. tomorrow, 75 degrees, santa rosa is at 83, 93 degrees in
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ukiah, and clearlake is looking nice at 92. for the forecast, we are going to be looking at things growing inland, will have to wait until tuesday for that to really kick in and in the latter half of the week, week, things cool down, middle to upper 70s, temperatures of around 60 degrees next weekend, things do not change much. the same thing in the weather department, and if you want variety and excitement, look no further than glenn. go ahead. >> look at this backdrop behind me. that is sharp, home ice player reaction after they sent almost 20,000 people into it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good tonight. they needed t great... the tank was rocking for ga the franchise has waited 25-years to okay, first stanley cup final ever in this building, the sharks didn't need to be good tonight, they need to be great. and the joint was jumping, they went 25 years for this one. he went so hard that the goalie
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could not react. final minute in his second period, pittsburgh back and front, 2-1, joe warren is the undercover brother, slapshot at the end of the four- minute power play, play, tying the game up at two points, second street game of overtime and this one, getting the finish, a rookie with a wraparound wraparound girl, san jose wins 3-2, their first ever stanley cup final when, cutting that series lead to look one. >> it was a good time to get it in. >> he knew at once, he was just trying to hit the back of the net. >> he was the overtime winner. nothing less than that. it was just pure happiness.
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you can't even hear the crowd but i bet it was loud. >> obviously the adversity that comes with it, it is real. we had a lot of adversity so far. there is a lot more out there for us. we still keep playing better. >> and giants and athletics after this. ,,,, she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems.
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that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
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players than the real ones. giants leading 3-0 in the tf the is jedd gyorko work - - messing with you? >> come on, kids can't get into the real players, giants in st. louis up 3-0, look, it gets away, san francisco san francisco went 4-0, it looks like it would be great but he will have four home runs in the fifth and in the sixth, that is adams going yards. 7-4 is the final. nolan ryan is checking out the athletics and the astros, oakland is down to their final out. jed lowrie says no, i want to play more, we go extras and fast-forward to the 12th. i want a walkoff single. we go dead last, six book five, winners at 12. and mohammed ali, after his
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passing at the age of 74, today in finals practice, he is remembered by players and coaches, steve was starstruck when he met the greatest of all time. >> it was a thrill, it was a thrill, he was one of the few people on earth who had that presence and you sort of got nervous being in his presence, just being there in the same room, but it was quite inexperienced - - quite an experience. stay with us, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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thirty. news and w one win in overtime, we will take it. they play again monday night, the golden state warriors tomorrow, banks for watching our newscasts tonight, have a good night. we hope you join us again tomorrow morning at 6:30. ,,,,,,,,
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